Anca Carrington


Up the Hill


Talking makes it possible to address a range of difficulties, from a general sense of unease and lack of fulfilment, to more pressing experiences of stress, low mood, anxiety, fear and pain. These can arise in the context of personal or family relationship concerns, or with regards to general health, study, work or creativity.

It is often hard to name the cause of one's own suffering. Putting words to this experience, in a safe space, offers a uniquely powerful way to become unstuck and find a new path.

My approach to psychotherapy is psychoanalytic, paying particular attention to the place of unconscious forces in every day life. I focus on the exploration of patterns of behaviour and of relating, on the shaping of thoughts and dreams, in ways that make it possible to link current difficulties to past experiences and to learn something new from these links. In particular, I am interested in addressing the personal and hidden significance of individual difficulties and in working towards finding ways to a less troubled and more rewarding life that are unique to each person.

For this to be possible, we meet regularly, talk and listen. In order to get started, you need to be prepared to speak and to find out something new about yourself.

Feelings and change are experienced in ways that take time to decipher. Finding out about the roots of one's difficulties, working out ways to deal with these and building one's own solutions can only come about gradually, often with setbacks along the way.

My recommendation is to begin this process as an open-ended development, which is not to say that therapy needs to be endless. Like most things, this is an individual experience which should reflect your own needs and circumstances. I offer open-ended and time-limited therapy, as well as one-off assessments. Evening and daytime appointments available during the week; morning appointments available on Saturdays.